My Stack


  • Todoist I couldn't function effectively without my trusty todo list!
  • Obsidian Second brain & knowledge base.
  • Google Calendar Boring, but effective.
  • Monarch Money I switched from Mint to Monarch and have been enjoying it so far.

Language Learning

  • Anki A flashcard app that uses spaced repetition. I use it to practice vocab.
  • Pimsleur My favorite way to start learning a language. It's based on listening and repetition, so it's great for improving your accent.
  • Glossika A great way to practice speaking. It's based on listening and repeating sentences and has lots of language pairings (e.g. Czech to Russian).
  • Mango Solid alternative to Duolingo. If you have a public library membership, it may be free for you.
  • DeepL Translator Like Google Translate, but more natural translations.
  • Glosbe Dictionary Dictionary with tons of languages and example sentences sourced from the web.

Tech — Languages

  • JavaScript / Node.js Fun to program in, but I prefer TypeScript
  • Typescript Makes writing JavaScript not scary
  • Python Fantastic for AI/ML work
  • Rust For writing low-level code with a modern build system, great syntax, and no segfaults :)

Tech — Libraries

  • React By far my favorite framework for building websites
  • Next.js Solid ecosystem, great performance
  • Tailwind Literally so much better than writing CSS by hand in separate files

Tech — Platforms

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