• Eta (website | GitHub) — a super-fast embedded JS template engine that supports Deno. I'm hoping to release a new version soon!
  • Decline App (website) — a website for practicing Czech, Slovak, and Russian noun declensions.
  • Splashpad (Chrome webstore) — a Chrome extension that turns your new tab page into a customizable dashboard.
  • npm-to-yarn (GitHub) — an npm package for converting CLI commands between npm, Yarn, and pnpm.
  • Squirrelly (website | GitHub) — a lightweight JavaScript template engine with support for helpers, partials, filters, etc. I'm not actively developing it, but this is the project that helped me get into open source.
  • Esperaboard (Chrome webstore) — a Chrome extension to transform characters written in the Esperanto "x-system" into Esperanto characters while typing.
  • "Tic-Tac-Too" (website | GitHub) — AI tic-tac-toe bot built with TensorFlow.js. I built this as a teenager, while just starting to learn about ML, so it's definitely not the best code. But it was a great learning experience.
  • GOM (PyPI | GitHub) — Pip package with CLI tool to monitor GPU usage across Docker containers. A minimalistic alternative to nvidia-smi. Stands for "GPU Output Monitor".

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